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We are proud of the fact that we were one of the first web design companies within Wales to deploy Content Management Systems as standard. We started doing this back in 2005, when most other companies were still writing websites in static html.

During this time, we have seen the CMS market develop and grow and now there is a wide choice of CMS' on the market. For us the key to a good CMS is three-fold;

  • Availability of Modules
  • Flexibility and Scaleability
  • Ease of Use

Over the past few years, we have developed our own CMS, tried and tested some of the main open source CMS' such as Joomla and Drupal, and even seen blogging software such as WordPress try to become a complete CMS.

For us, there is really only one CMS that we recommend - Typo3

We are an honest company, so we will be honest here ... when we first started to use Typo3 we hated it! From an administrators perspective it was far too complicated and took far to long to deploy, but then (eventually) we worked out how to use it, became familiar with its architecture and realised that we were working with one of the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable CMS' currently available.

Even more so we realised that for clients the managing of content, manipulation of images and thousands of available modules made Typo3 the perfect CMS for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Our TYPO3 Based CMS Package

Every web development company offers different levels of CMS package, most offer a basic package and then try to sell you extras. We're different, we believe in delivering a top level CMS package at affordable prices. Our standard CMS package is feature rich and designed to deliver benefits to all of our clients. So if you are considering a CMS then why not compare our CMS package with other web development companies and see how our package differs.

Core CMS Features

  • enterprise level PHP / MySQL based CMS
  • multi-lingual options
  • multi-site capabilities
  • secure admin portal offering multiple admin users with advance user permissions
  • ability to create unlimited pages
  • ability to add and edit page content
  • ability to upload images and choose pre-defined layout templates for image placement
  • ability to upload documents
  • fully xhtml and css3 compliant
  • full accessibility compliance

Full SEO Optimisation

  • search engine friendly urls as standard
  • independent page titles and meta data
  • alt and title attributes for all images
  • title text for all urls

Social Media

  • show the latest tweets to your twitter account directly on your website
  • embed a range of facebook views
  • embed individual YouTube movies, or connect into your YouTube account
  • add this account making the ability to share your content easier

Google Stuff

  • full google analytics integration
  • full google map integration
  • full google font api integration

jQuery & Flash

  • image lightbox effect
  • access to a range of jQuery plugins for website interaction such as slideshows, grids and tabs
  • ability to integrate flash movies with ease

TYPO3 is also fully future proof ...

Doing business online means that as a business you have to be able to adapt quickly to an ever changing environment. Having a CMS that allows you to adapt and grow your website without major surgery is for many businesses essential.

TYPO3 is one of the only CMS that continually updates its framework, not just with "patches" but with full version upgrades ensuring that the latest technologies such as HTML5 and jquery are easily available regardless of when you last updated the website. TYPO3 also boasts one of the most comprehensive extension libraries, ensuring that any new trend or service that becomes available can usually be integrated within a matter of weeks. This naturally vastly reduces development time therefore cost of any website.

Whenever we build a new website based on TYPO3 we do so in full confidence that as our client's requirements alter then TYPO3 offers the flexibility to adapt without the need for re-builds or installing a new CMS.

TYPO3 really is Content Management at its very best!

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