Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website that looks fantastic is great, getting people to see it is something completely different.

In the modern world of doing business online, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more than just adding a few words that you think are relevant to your website, it is now a short, medium and long term process that needs to be at the heart of every successful website.

Many website development companies state that they are experts in SEO and they can "Guarantee to get you to the top of Google", however if you stop and think for a second and ask how can anybody control something that another company does, you will quickly realise that nobody can guarantee you top placements with any of the search engines.

Our experienced team of SEO consultants take great pride in their ability to understand the search engines, how they work and what they look for to get your website to rank highly. We use a tried and tested process that in based around a series of key principles, whilst ensuring that the latest trends are never too far behind.

How do we optimise a website through SEO

Our approach naturally is different from website to website, however all of our SEO works takes into account the following key areas:

Keyword Research

There is no point in targeting terms that you think are relevant to your business. We use the latest keyword tools to tell us the search terms that your potential clients are using to find your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Your online competitors are not your traditional competitors, therefore understanding who you online competitors are and how they are competing for your customers is of paramount importance.

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation

This part covers a wide variety of areas, ensuring the structure of your website is correctly optimised, that your meta data is accurate and ensuring that the copy you add to your website is fully optimised are just three key areas that need to be looked at.

Offsite Search Engine Optimisation

From Link Building to Blogging and from Paid Advertising to Social Media, ensuring that the offsite elements to your overall SEO strategy are comprehensive takes times and effort.

Monitoring and Reviewing

Unfortunately SEO is no longer a done once and forget about it process. To really benefit from SEO, your entire website and SEO strategy need to be continually monitored, adjusting your approach where required.

So what about Guarantees?

If we had £1 for everytime somebody has said they have received a phone call from a company guaranteeing them top page on Google for a few £'s a month we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams! The reality of it is how can anybody guarantee anything that they do not control? Think about that for a second, could somebody guarantee that you will win the lottery if you choose a specific set of 6 numbers? The answer to that is simple - No.

Nobody can control what the search engines do, not even the search engines themselves so why trust a company that says they can guarantee top page results? We wouldn't but maybe that is because we know that you cannot guarantee something you do not control.

So no, we do not guarantee our Search Engine Optimisation results. This does not mean we do not know what we are doing, far from it and we can prove that we do. All this means that we are an honest company who understands the market in which we operate. We know what it takes to achieve great SEO results and the benefits of these results to our clients.

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